A. Sandovici

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Lagrangian pairs in Hilbert spaces

Adrian Sandovici

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MFAT 12 (2006), no. 1, 82-100


Weakly Lagrangian pairs and Lagrangian pairs in a pair of Hilbert spaces $(H_1, H_2)$ are defined. The weakly Lagrangian pair and Lagrangian pair extensions in $(H_1, H_2)$ of a given weakly Lagrangian pair in $(H_1, H_2)$ are characterized and those extensions which are operators are identified. A description of all Lagrangian pair extensions in a larger pair of Hilbert spaces $(\tilde H_1, \tilde H_2)$ of a given weakly Lagrangian pair in $(H_1, H_2)$ is also given.

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