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Maharam traces on von Neumann algebras

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Traces $\Phi$ on von Neumann algebras with values in complex order complete vector lattices are considered. The full description of these traces is given for the case when $\Phi$ is the Maharam trace. The version of Radon-Nikodym-type theorem for Maharam traces is established.

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TitleMaharam traces on von Neumann algebras
SourceMethods Funct. Anal. Topology, Vol. 16 (2010), no. 2, 101-111
MathSciNet MR2667805
CopyrightThe Author(s) 2010 (CC BY-SA)

Authors Information

V. I. Chilin
Department of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan, Vuzgorodok, Tashkent, 100174, Uzbekistan

B. S. Zakirov
Tashkent Railway Engineering Institute, 1 Odilhodjaev str., Tashkent, 100167, Uzbekistan 

Citation Example

V. I. Chilin and B. S. Zakirov, Maharam traces on von Neumann algebras, Methods Funct. Anal. Topology 16 (2010), no. 2, 101-111.


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