Guanhua Li

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A note on equilibrium Glauber and Kawasaki dynamics for permanental point processes

Guanhua Li, Eugene Lytvynov

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MFAT 17 (2011), no. 1, 29-46


We construct two types of equilibrium dynamics of an infinite particle system in a locally compact metric space $X$ for which a permanental point process is a symmetrizing, and hence invariant measure. The Glauber dynamics is a birth-and-death process in $X$, while in the Kawasaki dynamics interacting particles randomly hop over $X$. In the case $X=\mathbb R^d$, we consider a diffusion approximation for the Kawasaki dynamics at the level of Dirichlet forms. This leads us to an equilibrium dynamics of interacting Brownian particles for which a permanental point process is a symmetrizing measure.

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