M. Saburov

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On uniqueness of fixed points of quadratic stochastic operators on a 2D simplex

M. Saburov, N. A. Yusof

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MFAT 24 (2018), no. 3, 255-264


The Perron--Frobenius theorem states that a linear stochastic operator associated with a positive square stochastic matrix has a unique fixed point in the simplex and it is strongly ergodic to that fixed point. However, in general, the similar result for quadratic stochastic operators associated with positive cubic stochastic matrices does not hold true. Namely, it may have more than one fixed point in the simplex. Moreover, the uniqueness of fixed points does not imply the strong ergodicity of quadratic stochastic operators. In this paper, for some classes of positive cubic stochastic matrices, we provide a uniqueness criterion for fixed points of quadratic stochastic operators acting on a 2D simplex. Some supporting examples are also presented.

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