E. H. Zerouali

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Complex moment problem and recursive relations

K. Idrissi, E. H. Zerouali

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MFAT 25 (2019), no. 1, 15-34


We introduce a new methodology to solve the truncated complex moment problem. To this aim we investigate recursive doubly indexed sequences and their characteristic polynomials. A characterization of recursive doubly indexed \emph{moment} sequences is given. A simple application gives a computable solution to the complex moment problem for cubic harmonic characteristic polynomials of the form $z^3+az+b\overline{z}$, where $a$ and $b$ are arbitrary real numbers. We also recapture a recent result due to Curto-Yoo given for cubic column relations in $M(3)$ of the form $Z^3=itZ+u\overline{Z}$ with $t,u$ real numbers satisfying some suitable inequalities. Furthermore, we solve the truncated complex moment problem with column dependence relations of the form $Z^{k+1}= \sum\limits_{0\leq n+ m \leq k} a_{nm} \overline{Z}^n Z^m$ ($a_{nm} \in \mathbb{C}$).

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