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Continuous symmetric 3-homogeneous polynomials on spaces of Lebesgue measurable essentially bounded functions

T. V. Vasylyshyn, A. V. Zagorodnyuk

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MFAT 24 (2018), no. 4, 381-398


Vector spaces of all homogeneous continuous polynomials on infinite dimensional Banach spaces are infinite dimensional. But spaces of homogeneous continuous polynomials with some additional natural properties can be finite dimensional. The so-called symmetry of polynomials on some classes of Banach spaces is one of such properties. In this paper we consider continuous symmetric $3$-homogeneous polynomials on the complex Banach space $L_\infty$ of all Lebesgue measurable essentially bounded complex-valued functions on $[0,1]$ and on the Cartesian square of this space. We construct Hamel bases of spaces of such polynomials and prove formulas for representing of polynomials as linear combinations of base polynomials. Results of the paper can be used for investigations of algebras of symmetric continuous polynomials and of symmetric analytic functions on $L_\infty$ and on its Cartesian square. In particular, in order to describe appropriate topologies on the spectrum (the set of complex valued homomorphisms) of a given algebra of analytic functions, it is useful to have representations for polynomials, obtained in this paper.

Polarization formula for $(p,q)$-polynomials on a complex normed space

T. V. Vasylyshyn, A. V. Zagorodnyuk

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MFAT 17 (2011), no. 1, 75-83


The aim of this paper to give some analogues of polarization formulas and the polarization inequality for $(p,q)$-polynomials between complex normed spaces. Obtained results are useful for investigation of real-differentiable mappings on complex spaces.

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