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Space of configurations and the special measures on it

Yu. M. Berezansky

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MFAT 25 (2019), no. 3, 197-204


The article is devoted to an exact account of initial results about configurations and measures on them, starting from the concept of a unique topologization of the space of all configurations, including both finite and infinite cases (not as it is made in the classical works).

Poisson measure as a spectral measure of a family of commuting selfadjoint operators, connected with some moment problem

Yu. M. Berezansky

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MFAT 22 (2016), no. 4, 311-329


It is proved that the Poisson measure is a spectral measure of some family of commuting selfadjoint operators acting on a space constructed from some generalization of the moment problem.

The investigation of Bogoliubov functionals by operator methods of moment problem

Yu. M. Berezansky, V. A. Tesko

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MFAT 22 (2016), no. 1, 1-47


The article is devoted to a study of Bogoliubov functionals by using methods of the operator spectral theory being applied to the classical power moment problem. Some results, similar to corresponding ones for the moment problem, where obtained for such functionals. In particular, the following question was studied: under what conditions a sequence of nonlinear functionals is a sequence of Bogoliubov functionals.

One remark concerning double-infinite Toda lattice

Yurij M. Berezansky

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MFAT 18 (2012), no. 4, 332-342


We propose the power moment approach to investigation of double-infinite Toda lattices, which was contained in author's article [6]. As a result, we give the main theorem from [6] in a more effective form.

Linearization of double-infinite Toda lattice by means of inverse spectral problem

Yurij M. Berezansky

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MFAT 18 (2012), no. 1, 19-54


The author earlier in [3, 4, 6, 7] proposed some way of integration the Cauchy problem for semi-infinite Toda lattices using the inverse spectral problem for Jacobi matrices. Such a way for double-infinite Toda lattices is more complicated and was proposed in [9]. This article is devoted to a detailed account of the result [3, 4, 6, 7, 9] . It is necessary to note that in the case of double-infinite lattices we cannot give a general solution of the corresponding linear system of differential equations for spectral matrix. Therefore, in this case the corresponding results can only be understood as a procedure of finding the solution of the Toda lattice.

On generalized selfadjoint operators on scales of Hilbert spaces

Yu. M. Berezansky, J. Brasche, L. P. Nizhnik

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MFAT 17 (2011), no. 3, 193-198


We consider examples of generalized selfadjoint operators that act from a positive Hilbert space to a negative space. Such operators were introduced and studied in [1]. We give examples of selfadjoint operators on the principal Hilbert space $H_ 0$ that, being considered as operators from the positive space $H_ + \subset H_ 0$ into the negative space $H_ - \supset H_ 0$, are not essentially selfadjoint in the generalized sense.

The strong Hamburger moment problem and related direct and inverse spectral problems for block Jacobi-Laurent matrices

Yurij M. Berezansky, Mykola E. Dudkin

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MFAT 16 (2010), no. 3, 203-241


In this article we propose an approach to the strong Hamburger moment problem based on the theory of generalized eigenvectors expansion for a selfadjoint operator. Such an approach to another type of moment problems was given in our works earlier, but for strong Hamburger moment problem it is new. We get a sufficiently complete account of the theory of such a problem, including the spectral theory of block Jacobi-Laurent matrices.

The integration of double-infinite Toda lattice by means of inverse spectral problem and related questions

Yurij Berezansky

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MFAT 15 (2009), no. 2, 101-136


The solution of the Cauchy problem for differential-difference double-infinite Toda lattice by means of inverse spectral problem for semi-infinite block Jacobi matrix is given. Namely, we construct a simple linear system of three differential equations of first order whose solution gives the spectral matrix measure of the aforementioned Jacobi matrix. The solution of the Cauchy problem for the Toda lattice is given by the procedure of orthogonalization w.r.t. this spectral measure, i.e. by the solution of the inverse spectral problem for this Jacobi matrix.

About my first meeting with S. I. Zuchovitsky

Yu. M. Berezansky

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MFAT 14 (2008), no. 3, 207-208


Recursion relation for orthogonal polynomials on the complex plane

Yu. M. Berezansky, I. Ya. Ivasiuk, O. A. Mokhonko

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MFAT 14 (2008), no. 2, 108-116


The article deals with orthogonal polynomials on compact infinite subsets of the complex plane. Orthogonal polynomials are treated as coordinates of generalized eigenvector of a normal operator $A$. It is shown that there exists a recursion that gives the possibility to reconstruct these polynomials. This recursion arises from generalized eigenvalue problem and, actually, this means that every gene alized eigenvector of $A$ is also a generalized eigenvector of $A^*$ with the complex conjugated eigenvalue. If the subset is actually the unit circle, it is shown that the presented algorithm is a generalization of the well-known Szego recursion from OPUC theory.

The investigation of a generalized moment problem associated with correlation measures

Yu. M. Berezansky, D. A. Mierzejewski

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MFAT 13 (2007), no. 2, 124-151


The classical power moment problem can be viewed as a theory of spectral representations of a positive functional on some classical commutative algebra with involution. We generalize this approach to the case where the algebra is a special commutative algebra of functions on the space of multiple finite configurations.

If the above-mentioned functional is generated by a measure on the space of usual finite configurations then this measure is a correlation measure for a probability spectral measure on the space of infinite configurations. The latter measure is practically arbitrary, so that we have a connection between this complicated measure and its correlation measure defined on more simple objects that are finite configurations. The paper gives an answer to the following question: when this latter measure is a correlation measure for a complicated measure on infinite configurations? (Such measures are essential objects of statistical mechanics).

The complex moment problem and direct and inverse spectral problems for the block Jacobi type bounded normal matrices

Yurij M. Berezansky, Mykola E. Dudkin

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MFAT 12 (2006), no. 1, 1-31


We continue to generalize the connection between the classical power moment problem and the spectral theory of selfadjoint Jacobi matrices. In this article we propose an analog of the Jacobi matrix related to the complex moment problem and to a system of polynomials orthogonal with respect to some probability measure on the complex plane. Such a matrix has a block three-diagonal structure and gives rise to a normal operator acting on a space of l2 type. Using this connection we prove existence of a one-to-one correspondence between probability measures defined on the complex plane and block three-diagonal Jacobi type normal matrices. For simplicity, we investigate in this article only bounded normal operators. From the point of view of the complex moment problem, this restriction means that the measure in the moment representation (or the measure, connected with the orthonormal polynomials) has compact support.

The direct and inverse spectral problems for the block Jacobi type unitary matrices

Yurij M. Berezansky, Mykola E. Dudkin

MFAT 11 (2005), no. 4, 327-345


The complex moment problem in the exponential form

Yu. M. Berezansky, M. E. Dudkin

MFAT 10 (2004), no. 4, 1-10


Damir Zyamovich Arov (to the 70th anniversary of his birth)

V. M. Adamyan, Yu. M. Berezansky, M. L. Gorbachuk, V. I. Gorbachuk, G. M. Gubreev, A. N. Kochubei, M. M. Malamud

MFAT 10 (2004), no. 2, 1-3


Generalized selfadjoint operators and their singular perturbations

Yurij M. Berezansky, Johannes Brasche

MFAT 8 (2002), no. 4, 1-14


Pascal measure on generalized functions and the corresponding generalized Meixner polynomials

Yurij M. Berezansky

MFAT 8 (2002), no. 1, 1-13


The structure of the extended symmetric Fock space

Yurij M. Berezansky, Dmytro A. Mierzejewski

MFAT 6 (2000), no. 4, 1-13


Mathematical heritage of Yuri L'vovich Daletskii

Ya. I. Belopolʹskaya, Yu. M. Berezansky, Yu. V. Bogdansky, V. V. Lyubashenko, Yu. A. Mitropolsky

MFAT 5 (1999), no. 4, 1-8


On a spectral representation for correlation measures in configuration space analysis

Yuri M. Berezansky, Yuri G. Kondratiev, Tobias Kuna, Eugene Lytvynov

MFAT 5 (1999), no. 4, 87-100


On the theory of commutative Jacobi fields

Yu. M. Berezansky

MFAT 4 (1998), no. 1, 1-31


Biorthogonal systems in hypergroups: an extension of non-Gaussian analysis

Yu. M. Berezansky, Yu. G. Kondratiev

MFAT 2 (1996), no. 2, 1-50


A generalization of Gaussian white noise analysis

Yu. M. Berezansky, V. O. Livinsky, E. W. Lytvynov

MFAT 1 (1995), no. 1, 28-55


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